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About Us

Central VA's Premier Paving Contractor



Richard's Paving is a locally owned paving and concrete contractor owned and operated by Richard McNeil.  With over 15 years of experience servicing Central VA up to Northern VA we've established a reputation built on results, trust and quality work.  We have a dedicated team of employees with the same desire and drive to serve you as, Richard, himself does.  We happily provide free estimates on most jobs. 


Among our many services are:


 1. Driveway Repair

 2. New Driveways

 3. Sealcoating

 4. Tar & Chip

 5. Concrete Driveways

 6. Concrete Sidewalks

 7. Crack Filling

 8. Parking Lot Cleaning

 9. Heavy Duty Latex Sealer

 10. Agricultural Services

 11. Commercial Services


 We're fully licensed and insured and 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. 




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